Awesome Changes Coming to the CurvyWriter Blog

As many of you know, for the past year I have been 1/2 of the Geek Chick Radio show that airs every Monday on Blog Talk Radio.  We love doing the show and have a huge listener base, unfortunately “geek” radio isn’t “marketable” and our ability to keep paying for the show has come to an end.

However, what do we do the most on the show? I mean besides be silly and geek out over John Barrowman.  Except for one, every guest we have ever had on the show has been an AUTHOR.  We chat about books all the time.  Actually books and randomosity.  Sound like anything you know?  Oh yeah…THIS BLOG!

So, the natural order of things, or it seems to Sherry and I, is to change our format of the show and rebrand it to CURVYWRITER RADIO and tie it in directly to the CurvyWriter Blog.  There will be some major changes, but also some major sameness.

The Changes to the Show:

  • We will actively inviting (and taking requets) from authors, publishers, editors, publicists, promoters, bloggers and others involved in all aspects of the publishing industry to be guests on our show.
  • Our “main” topic(s) will be books, reading, writing, and all aspects of the publishing industry.
  • We will be doing book reviews on air. (That’s not so much of a change).
  • We are offering on-air ad space as well as “featured” shows (as a way to keep the show going), for authors, publishers, and publishing professionals (cover artists, editors, virtual assistants, etc).
  • Our show day will change from every Monday to the 1st & 3rd Tuesday .  (This is for the summer and we may go back to every week in the fall…that remains to be seen.)  Show time will be the same.  (I’ll be posting details later).

The Changes to the Blog

  • Sherry (Ficklin) is joining the blog as a co-contributor, another CurvyWriter, if you will. :)
  • More posts on writing, more reviews, more randomness (really, just more of the same).
  • A couple of new categories have been added, like New Releases and Upcoming Events, as well as a few new free promotional activities.
  • We are now offering ads on the website for authors, publishers, and publishing professionals (cover artists, editors, virtual assistants, etc).

The Sameness on the Show

ALMOST EVERYTHING!  Sherry and I (DJ) will still be silly, crazy, random and geeky.  We will still fangirl, we will still love Doctor Who, and we will still ramble!  There will just be more book talk.

The Sameness on the Blog

Same as above.  There will still be randomized topics… rants, craziness, fun, whatever flips our fiddle (not sure where that came from..but there it is).

The REAL truth of what is happening is that instead of splitting our focus and energy between two things  we are bringing them together to be one localized point of random geeky fun, while simultaneously bringing our hundreds of blog readers together with our thousands of show listeners into one big group.

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